NAIMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH

NAïMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH

Kurfürstenstraße 114
D-10787 Berlin / Germany

Phone: +49-30-2404-8290

NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH has offices in Berlin and Brussels and has been at the forefront of the development of Litigation PR in the German market. Founded by Uwe Wolff, it has a 15 year track record of working on Litigation PR mandates for companies, financial institutions, NGOs, associations and prominent individuals in Germany. Past client matters include a case of industrial espionage, high stakes litigation against various banks in Germany, several criminal white collar cases, patent and IP litigation, compliance violations and a dispute against the world's biggest car company involving car parts manufacturers.

Mr Wolff wrote the first book in Germany on litigation PR "In the Name of the Public Opinion - Litigation PR as a Strategic Instrument in Legal Disputes". He is also the author of the book "Media Relations for Lawyers" and has contributed to various other book projects regarding Litigation PR.

NAÏMA Strategic Legal Services GmbH also offers additional services such as Forensic Case Intelligence, Strategic Publishing, Strategic Legal Visualization and Psychological Case Evaluations.